Our Signature Cake Collection

Elle Dee Signature Cakes are available at Pusateri’s Fine Foods and for order on our website. Each cake has its own style, flavour and overall charm. Featuring an Elle Dee Cake at any event is sure to bestow upon you the title of the best guest. Listed below are our brief descriptions of each unique cake. 

The Yule Log Cake – Only available at Pusateri’s Fine Foods

The perfect fit for any holiday party, the yule log is made with Belgian chocolate cake and buttercream for the ultimate festive desert. 


The Perfect Disaster Cake

A whimsical Belgian chocolate cake that’s the perfect collision of sweet and salty treats. As visually appealing as it is delicious.

The Dainty 

Our vanilla cake with Swiss meringue buttercream surrounded by delightful flowers. The soft blue creates the perfect eye-catching aesthetic. 


Sweet Peaks

Vanilla cake with coconut buttercream layers blanketed in Swiss meringue buttercream peaks and gold dust. A sweet white blanket with a dash of shimmer. 


Confetti Cake

Our classic red velvet cake gets a celebration twist with a sprinkle explosion. The perfect party cake for any occasion. 


Crescent Rose Cake

Vanilla cake topped with layers of fresh strawberry buttercream. An overall light tone to compliment this fluffy treat. 


Chocolate Drip Oreo Cake

Decadent Belgian chocolate cake stacked with cookies and cream buttercream sure to make all Oreo Cookie related dreams a reality.


All website photos by Olive Photography