Our Unicorn Cakes

The unicorn is a legendary creature described as a “beast with a large spiralling horn projecting from the forehead” first mentioned in 5th century BC. In European folklore, the unicorn is often depicted as a white horse and described as a rare woodland creature. The unicorn was a symbol of purity and grace, with rumours of its horn possessing healing powers.


Our Elle Dee Unicorn Cakes take on a softer, tastier story and have become quite popular among our customers. A pretty rainbow mane, black fondant eyelashes, white fondant ears and a tall golden horn creates our stunningly delicious unicorn cake. The unicorn craze has been quite popular this year, and at Elle Dee Cakes we’re helping those unicorn lovers treat their sweet tooth.


Our two cake flavours are vanilla funfetti and vanilla buttercream. The cake exterior is usually white but can be changed with a custom order. Feature one of these eye-catching beauties at your next event and get everyone in the room talking! Our small size is $69 and serves 10 people and our large size is $100 and serves 25 people.

All website photos by Olive Photography